4:00pm- L5 Sr Emily
5:00pm- L3 Emily
6:00pm- L5 Sr Emily
7:00pm- L2 Emily
8:00pm- L4 Emily

4:00pm- Jazz Tech L1 Natalie
5:00pm- Jazz Tech L4 Natalie
6:00pm- Jazz Tech L3 Natalie
7:00pm- Jazz Co. L3 (JR. Adv.) Natalie
8:00pm- Flexibility/Strength/Conditioning Natalie

4:00pm- Hip Hop Co. L3 (JR. Adv.) Rachel
5:00pm- Hip Hop Co. L1 & 2 Rachel 
6:00pm- Jazz Co. L4 (JR/TN) Rachel

6:00pm- Tap/Jazz Combo (4-7yr olds) Kerri
*Must be 4 by January 1
7:00pm- Rec. Ballet Younger (5-8yr olds) Kerri
*Must be 5 by January 1

5:00pm- Rec. Jazz Younger (5-8yr olds) Kristen
*Must be 5 by January 1
6:00pm- Jazz Co. L1 Kristen
7:00pm- Jazz/Hip Hop Combo Older (5-8yr olds) Kristen
*Must be 5 by January 1

4:00pm- Adv. Beg/Beg
5:00pm- Russell Middle School (5-7pm)
6:00pm- Russell Middle School (5-7pm)
7:00pm- Russell High School (7-9pm)
8:00pm- Russell High School (7-9pm)



4:00pm- L1 Emily
5:00pm- L2 Emily
6:00pm- L5 Emily (6-7:30pm)
7:30pm- Rec. Adv. Beg Ballet

4:00pm- L5 Sr. Hip Hop
5:00pm- L5 Sr. Tap
6:00pm- L4 TN Hip Hop

6:00pm- Tap Co. L1 & 2 Kerri
7:00pm- Tap/Jazz Combo (4-7yr olds) Kerri
*Must be 4 by January 1

4:00pm- Jazz Tech L2 Jennifer
5:30pm- Mixed Allie & Jennifer
6:30pm- Mixed Allie & Jennifer
7:30pm- Special Needs Allie

7:00pm- Jazz Co. L2 Kristen
8:00pm- Flexibility/Strength/Conditioning Kristen

4:00pm- Adv. Beg.
5:00pm- Beg.
6:00pm- Adv. Beg./Novice 
7:00pm- Novice/Intermediate




4:00pm- Pointe Emily
5:00pm- L3 Emily (5-6:30pm)
6:30pm- L4 Emily (6:30-8pm)

4:00pm- Jazz Co. L5 Sr. Large Natalie
5:00pm- Jazz Co. L4/5 TN Natalie
6:00pm- Jazz Co. L5 Sr. Small Natalie
7:00pm- Jazz Tech L5 Natalie
8:00pm- Senior Line

6:30pm- Tap Co. L2 JR. Kerri
7:30pm- Tap Co. L3 JR. Kerri

5:30pm- Dancer Tumbling
6:30pm- Dancer Tumbling



5:00pm- Tap/Ballet Combo (4-7yr olds) Jennifer
8 students in the class
*Must be 4 by January 1
5:30pm- Mommy & Me Allie
6:00pm- Mixed Allie & Jennifer
7:00pm- Rec. Jazz Older (9yr olds^) Allie 

6:00pm- Rec. Ballet Older (9yr olds^) Kerri
7:00pm- Rec. Tap
8:00pm- Intermediate Ballet Tech Middle School/High School (Must have 8 in the class)

6:00pm- Rec. Hip Hop Younger Kristen
7:00pm- Rec. Hip Hop Older Kristen 

4:00pm- Beg.
5:00pm- Adv. Beg.
6:00pm- Preschool (4-7yr olds)
*Must be 4 by January 1
7:00pm- Adv. Beg